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    Register online for GST Identification Number – GSTIN

    GST Registration is mandatory for buying & selling of goods or services

    GST Thresholdexemption – Rs. 20 lakhs in a year for across India except NE state, HP & UK

    For NE state, HP & UK Rs. 10 lakhs in a year

    What is GSTIN & How to get GSTIN?

    • GSTIN full form is Goods & Services Tax Identification number allotted uniquely to tax payers primarily on the basis of state and PAN.
    • GSTIN is 15-digit identifier allotted to assessee for each and every procedure concerned with GST.
    • First two digits represents state code as per Indian census 2011.
    • Next 10 digits are PAN of the taxpayer/assessee.
    • It is followed by thirteenth digit allotted on the basis of number of registrations in the state & fourteenth digit is z by default
    • Lastly, fifteenth digit is the sum check code.
    • GSTIN can be obtained by applying online on GST portal for registration under GST

    Who are required to obtain registration under GST

    • All businesses crossing basic exemption limit of Rupees Twenty Lakhs (Rs. 20 Lakhs)
    • Businesses making Inter-state supply of Goods or Services i.e. from one state to another even if turnover is Nil
    • E-commerce aggregator like amazon, flipkart, ola, uber, zomato, swiggy
    • Supplier of Goods or Services through e-commerce aggregator/platform
    • Other notified persons
    • Agents of a supplier
    • Input Service Distributor
    • Person not having any fix place in India like Non-resident taxable person and casual taxable person

    GST registration can be voluntarily obtained even if not falling under eligible list
    GSTIN full form is Goods & Services Tax Identification number allotted uniquely to tax payers primarily on the basis of state and PAN.

    Advantages & Benefits of GST Registered business


    Claim Input Tax Credit

    Sale online

    Be compliant

    Grow Business

    Build Trust

    Compare Options

    BasisPrivate Limited CompanyLimited Liability PartnershipOne Person CompanyPartnership FirmSole Proprietorship
    Suitable ForStart-ups Professional firmsIndividual promotersFamily businessesSmall Businesses
    Investors Attractive Less AttractiveNot preferableUnlikelyNo way
    Limited Liability YesYesYesNoNo
    Taxation BenefitsCertain benefits EfficientbenefitsLowestLowest
    Constant Existence
    Compliance ApplicabilityHighLowHighMinimalMinimal

    How It Works

    Select a Service
    Make Payment
    Service completed
    STEP 1: Select a Service
    STEP 2: Upload Documents
    STEP 3: Make Payment
    STEP 4: Service completed

    Package & Pricing

    Documents for online registration of GST


    PAN of Entity


    PAN of Promoters/Directors


    Address Proof of Promoters/Directors


    Photo of Promoters/Directors


    Email ID of Promoters/Directors


    Mobile Number of Promoters/Directors


    Place of Business Address Proof with NOC (Ownership/ Rent Agreement/ Lease deed/ Consent Letter


    Electricity bill of place of business (Latest 2 months)


    Board Resolution Authorisation


    Certificate of Incorporation


    1. Why should I obtain GST registration?
    2. How to register online for GST?
    How to register online for GST?
    3. What is Input Tax credit?
    4. What is due date to deposit tax under GST?
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