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    Director Identification Number (DIN)

    DIN is an abbreviation of Director Identification Number used to identify individuals in corporate world. DIN is an eight-digit distinctive number allotted by Central Government to every person who desires to be director in a company. Validity of DIN is for life time subject to cancelation, surrender or deactivation. Duplicate DIN is prohibited under law as only one allotted DIN is used to identify & designate director in different companies or LLPs.
    No person shall be appointed as a director in any company unless and until, he or she has been allotted a valid DIN.

    How to get a DIN? How DIN is obtained?

    DIN through SPIC e-form: Director Identification Number (DIN) is allotted to proposed First Director who promotes a new company through e-form SPICe. E-form SPICe is used to incorporate a new company and it contains provision of application for allotment of DIN. No separate form or fee, other than of SPICe, is required for DIN, if individual desires to incorporate a company and proposes to be a director.

    DIN through Form DIR 3: Director proposed to be appointed in an existing company shall opt to submit DIR 3 for DIN allotment. Form DIN 3 consists of applicant’s identity and address proof along with photograph, email & mobile. Applicant has to sign the form through digital signature and shall be verified by practicing company secretary or Director, Managing Director, or CEO or CFO of the existing company in which applicant intends to be appointed as a director. After prescrutiny of form is done, same is uploaded on MCA portal and fee for DIN is paid. Once payment is successful, DIN is allotted and letter confirming the same is mailed.

    How to change or amend details of Director?

    In case any change or amendment or correction needs to be done in records of director, it can be done through Form DIN 6. Form DIN -6 is an intimation with regard to change in database of Director and attested copy is supporting documents is must for it.

    It is must for every director to intimate DIN within one month from allotment to every company or companies wherein he or she is a director. Further, company, within 15 days of receipt of information, will furnish return to ROC, intimating DIN of all directors.

    Quoting of Director Identification Number or DIN is must by every person or company while furnishing any return, document, information, particulars which relates to the director or required by the governing law.

    Failing to quote DIN or missing to intimate DIN to company or default by company to furnish details of intimated DIN to ROC will attract penalty.

    SubmitTax helps with process of DIN application and allotment. Get a valid DIN through SubmitTax.

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